The Privacy regulation
for Scitec Institute for Sport and Nutrition

1. Preamble

For the Scitec Institute for Sport and Nutrition, Limited Liability Company (headquarter: 1138 Budapest, Váci út 178.; registry court: Capital Court of Registration; registration number: 01-09-321518; VAT number: 26275772-2-41; hereinafter referred to: the „Scitec Institute", managers: Gyenes András and Seres Attila) protection of personal data is highly important to them.

The purpose of this Privacy Notice is to inform the users of the services offered by Scitec Institute to be familiar with the data management practices of the Scitec Institute, with EU 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”), furthermore with the provisions of the Act CXII. of year 2011. (“Infotv.”)Considering that the sports dietetics service provided

by Scitec Institute is qualified as a health service, we would like to inform the concerned that the handling of such data and the related health and personal data handling and protection falls under the Act XLVII. of year 1997 (“Eüak.”) and some of its provisions are mandatory.

2. Further details on data management related to each activity

2.1. Data management regarding registration

Reserving an appointment for Scitec Institute’s services is possible after registering through their website at The purpose of the processing of personal data recorded on the registration interface is to create the user profile of the data subject to apply for the service. The legal basis for data management is the subject's prior and voluntary consent.

If the data subject provides his / her personal data on the registration interface but does not use the services of the Scitec Institute, the Scitec Institute will treat the recorded personal data until the consent of the data subject is withdrawn. Only the assigned colleagues of the Scitec Institute have access to the registration data.

2.2 Data management regarding cookies

Cookies are small data files that are automatically placed on a user's computer or device while browsing the Internet. Cookies contains information about the users habits and makes the usage of the website easier. Scitec institute uses cookies during the operation of the website in order to ensure smooth operation and proper use. By using this website at the same time the user accepts that the site uses cookies in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

A part of the cookies used by the website are functional with which the site can be personalized and an additional login could be prevented (eg. remembering login details). These type of data are encrypted and Scitec Institute does not use these for other purposes. Other type of cookies used by the site are for analytical purposes and its aim is to measure the visits to the site. These data are used specifically for statistical reasons by Scitec Institute without name identification of their users. The Scitec Institute’s website does not use marketing-oriented cookies.

The user can change cookie settings in the browser, as well as deleting them while there is also a possibility to prohibit and

control cookies.

2.3. Data handled in connection with sport dietetics

The recorded personal data and health data Scitec Institute handles by the as a health care services within the framework of the Sports Ethics Service. provisions.

The legal basis for data management is the prior written and explicit consent of the data subject. The purpose of data management is to provide sports dietetics, support the customer's sport performance with dietetic methods, and monitor the customer's condition. Scitec Institute during its sport dietetics service handles only personal information that is essential for the achievement of the goal, for the responsible and high-level nutrition counseling.

The managed personal data are only be accessed by the dietitians, professional manager, customer manager and sports manager of Scitec Institute, each with a strict confidentiality obligation.

The health documentation handled in the framework of the sports ethics service in the disposal of Eüak. Scitec Institute is required to retain for a period of 30 years from the date of its collection.

2.4. Data processed in connection with trainer services

The recorded personal data and health records handled by the Scitec Institute within the framework of the training plan service is subjected to the prior written and expressed consent of the data subject. The purpose of data management is to develop personalized training plans and monitor customer performance. Scitec Institute during its training plan design only manages personal information that is essential for the achievement of the goal, for the responsible and is essential to create high-level training planning services. The personal data handled is restricted to the Scitec Institute training staff, professional manager, customer manager, and sports manager, each with a strict confidentiality obligation.

The records of personal data and health data within the framework of the training planning service shall be stored by the Scitec Institute until the end of the general limitation period under civil law for a period of 5 years from the termination of the contract.

2.5. Data processed in connection with combined services

In the event that the customer wishes to use both the trainer and sports dietetics services,

  • the provisions of sections 2.3 and 2.4 shall apply accordingly, with the only exception that in this case, the dietitians involved in the Scitec Institute's sport dietetics service are also entitled to know the data processed in connection with the training service to provide you with more personalized nutrition advice that is compatible with your training plan; regarding the data required for training planning and sport dietetics
  • the 30-year retention period set out in the Data Protection Act will be the guiding principle rather than the referred time under section 2.4.
2.6. Data management required to meet accounting obligations

The provision of sports dietetics and training services is an economic event for which Act C. of 2000 about accounting the accounting documents (invoices) supporting this economic event must be retained under the provisions of this Act. The purpose of data management is to fulfill accounting obligations. The legal basis for this data management is the fulfillment of the legal obligation [GDPR article 6. Paragraph (1) section c)

In the course of data management Scitec Institute stores the name of the data subject, billing address it specifies, and the data related to the service. The Scitec Institute keeps this personal information for 8 years.

From the side of Scitec Institute the Sales Manager, the Customer Manager, and the Sports Manager are authorized to access the invoices.

2.7. Data management for scientific research

In collaboration with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the University of Physical Education, Scitec Institute conducts scientific research with the help of data stored in connection with its services. Throughout scientific research Scitec Institute examines the relationship between athlete nutrition, sports nutrition supplements and athletic performance. The research method is based, among other things, on the comparison of the status and parameters of Scitec Institute's customers before, during and after the use of the services.

Scitec Institute only manages the personal data of those who have specifically agreed to do so. If the data subject contributes to data management for research purposes, he / she agrees that Scitec Institute will request additional data (eg. socio-demographic data) for the research. The purpose of recording additional data is to make research results more complete and to publish the research results together with sociological relationships. The recording will be attended by the competent staff of Scitec Institute.

Scitec Institute transmits the personal data necessary for scientific analysis to the third parties involved in the research separately from the identity data of the data subject, in conjunction with a code number.

With the exception of Scitec Institute's occupational leader, Scitec Institute does not include any person who accesses the customer database or who is able to identify the data subject on the basis of encrypted data.

Scitec Institute reviews the retention period of data stored solely for research purposes every 3 years and decides on the removal of the data code number.

2.8. Personal data processed for sending newsletters

Scitec Institute sends a newsletter on its activities, events and research results based on its customers explicit, prior and voluntary consent. For this purpose, Scitec Institute records, manages and stores the names and e-mail addresses of those registered for newsletter until the consent of the data subject is withdrawn.

As part of the marketing activity, Scitec Institute as well as the data processor providing marketing support do not handle health data.

For marketing purposes, personal data can only be accessed by an assigned person of Scitec Institute, its employees with an obligation for confidentiality and data processors providing marketing support.

3. Data processors

3.1. For the data managed by Scitec Institute, eSpirit Kft. (headquarter: 1138 Budapest, Turóc utca 11. 3. 2nd floor.; registry court: Capital Court of Registration; 01-09-869141; VAT number: 13078702-2-41) is considered as data processor.

ESpirit Kft. supports Scitec Institute's website and IT accounting system, therefore can access personal data managed on the website and in the registry system (including health data relating to the data subject) and may carry out technical operations on behalf of Scitec Institute and in accordance with its instructions.

3.2.For data processed by the Scitec Institute, Scitec Industry and Trade Kft. is considered to be an additional data processor (headquarter: 2120 Dunakeszi, Csörsz árok köz 2.; location of central administration: 1138 Budapest, Váci út 178.; registry court: Budapest District Courthouse Company Court; company registration number: 13-09-178132; VAT number: 12299953-2-44).

In addition, as regards to the data managed by Scitec Institute, Microsoft Hungary IT Provider and Commercial Limited Liability Company

3.3.(headquarter: 1031 Budapest, Graphisoft Park 3.; registry court: Capital Court of Registration; company registration number: 01-09-262313; VAT number: 10836653-2-44) which provides hosting services for the personal information.KRQ Communication Limited Liability Company In case the customer gave its consent for Scitec Institute to send newsletter, the customer’s name and email address is processed by

3.4.(headquarter: 1123 Budapest, Alkotás utca 53. building A. 6th floor; registry number: 01-09-897997) is considered as data processor by creating and sending newletters. is kezeli.

4. Data security

The Scitec Institute and its data processors fulfill data management in compliance with data security requirements. In this respect they take all the technical and organizational measures and establish the necessary procedural rules which are required to meet with the data and confidentiality requirements, in particular the protection of health data.

5. Rights and remedies for those concerned

5.1. Right to request information.The concerned may request information about their personal data. In this case, Scitec Institute informs the concerned in writing or by e-mail about what personal data is being processed, for what purposes and for how long, what rights do the concerned have in relation to data management, as well as on the right to file a complaint with the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.

Name and contact details of the data protection officer at Scitec Institute: dr. Kalocsay Beáta (e-mail:; through post: Scitec Sport- and Nutritional Institute Kft., 1138 Budapest, Váci út 178).

5.2. Right to request a copy.The concerned has the right to request a copy of his/her personal data. The right to request a copy of Scitec Institute's personal data stored on paper can be processed by photocopying or scanning the document, personal data stored electronically can be processed by copying to an external device or by printing it.

5.3. Right to rectification.The concerned may ask Scitec Institute to correct inaccurate personal data relating to it.

5.4. Right to restriction.The concerned may request a restriction of data management if

  • the data processing is unlawful and the concerned is against the deletion of personal data and instead requests a restriction on their use;
  • Scitec Institute no longer needs the personal data, but the concerned requests the blocking of data to bring, validate or defend legal claims.

Scitec Institute fulfills the restriction request by sending personal data to and external device.

5.5. Right to data storage.The concerned shall be entitled to

  • receive personal data concerning him/her or made available to him/her by Scitec Institute in a distributed, widely used, machine-readable format or to pass on such data to another data processor without being prevented by Scitec Institute.
  • If between Scitec Institute and another data processor designated by the concerned technically feasible, the concerned is entitled to request the direct transmission of personal data between processors.

5.6. Common rules for exercising rights.

Scitec Institute will execute the request of the concerned within a maximum of one month, which can be extended for up to two months.In the event of a refusal, Scitec Institute will inform the concerned about the reasons for the refusal within one month of receipt of the request and of the fact that he / she may lodge a complaint with the Authority and have a right of appeal.

Scitec Institute reserves the right, if there are reasonable doubts about the identity of the person submitting the request, to provide the information necessary to confirm the identity of the person concerned. In particular, such a case may be considered to occur where the concerned uses the right to request a copy, in which case Scitec Institute should be

convinced that the application originates from the person entitled.

5.7. Remedies Amennyiben az érintett megítélése szerint az adatkezelés nem felel meg a jogszabályi követelményeknek, akkor a Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság (Postacím: 1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5., e-mail cím: may initiate proceedings or go to court.